If your basics are strong enough, it is not difficult to achieve the desired body fitness goal. There are an endless number of exercises, so it may be difficult for some people choosing the best ones the suit their needs. Exercises don’t require fancy or expensive equipment, but they do require commitment.

7 best and simple exercises for a full body workout

  • Push-ups– People may think that pushups are old school, but they are certainly effective if done on a regular basis. It works a wide range of muscles and adding this exercise to your training can make a huge impact on your bodybody fitness
  • Squats- This is a classic lifting exercise that targets your glutes and is especially beneficial to your lower body. It indirectly strengthens your core and is essential for your body in general.
  • Lunges– It is a brilliantly simple exercise for your quads and hamstrings. It can be executed in various ways and if you do it right, you will feel the burn in your legs, which means you are doing a good job
  • Pike roll-out– The pike rollout combination has proved to be the most effective and best exercise for your core muscles. It can be quite challenging, but it stretches every muscle in your core for super toned abs.
  • Clean and Jerk– This exercise is an explosive lift for your body fitness. It targets a lot of useful muscles, builds your endurance and will be a great addition to your training.
  • Burpees– They might be complicated, but burpees are excellent for the main reason that they work. They will really put your whole body to the test and it has to be done many times to feel the effect
  • Dead lift– This might be old-school, but it definitely builds the total body strength. When executed correctly, it will strengthen your back, calves, hamstrings, glutes, core, and forearms. It is effective at building control and strength in the whole body as the lifter does not stand a chance to use any momentum during the exercise.

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