The Stockholm Buggy has a variety of features, and this trendy buggy is made to comfort both the infant and the parents. The Stockholm buggy contains large wheels which provide you smoother driving and rolling on the uneven surfaces and curbs. This has good support on the back which is adjustable for a sound sleep mode, and the cap is extendable so that you can protect your baby with a shield during a nap.

The Stockholm Buggy with polka dots is easy and quick to fold because of the convenient pull handle on the buggy.  The best thing is these buggy come with a travel bag. It is easy to move during the time when you need to check at the airport.  The buggy also contained a foot rest, a large basket and a five-point harness with shoulder pads.

The unique features of Buggy

The baby huilt comes in many colors.

  1. It has a size of 50 x 60 x 118 cm
  2. The dimension of the buggy when folded is 28 x 33 x 110 cm
  3. Suitable for children from 6 months to 3 years (max. 15 kg)
  4. Weight: 8.5kg
  5. It is comfortable for both child and parent. It is also suitable for taller moms and dads.
  6. The front wheels are secure and handy for a long walk.
  7. It has a retractable hood, which has a lot of benefits. With the help of this hood, you can keep your infant sheltered from rain, wind or the sun.
  8. It is made of five-point harness with shoulder pads
  9. You can combines well with all dresses.
  10. The Stockholm buggy is easy to fold. It now comes with a renewed and better folding mechanism which makes it easy to handle.
  11. It has an adjustable seat back. It is very easy to handle. You only need to adjust it using your hands and make it up until it becomes completely flat.
  12. It is according to the European safety standard.

The other content of a Stockholm buggy

  1. It comes in many colors and designs, such as polka dots
  2. You get it with a travel bag.

You get the Stockholm buggy online. It is best to carry your child in the buggy that has a proper hood with an excellent comfort. You wouldn’t want to fall into trouble with a  buggy that has less stronger wheels. It recommended buying the best Stockholm bungee with a good observation.


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