A back scratcher is not something most people are unfamiliar with. However, for those who don’t know this: back scratchers are a type of tool, used essentially to scratch or itch those parts of the body (read: back) which cannot be easily reached by the human hand.

All back scratchers have some pretty basic features; they are long and slender, more like rod-shaped, with a knob at one end (for holding), and a rake-like device for the scratching bit.

However, because of the increase in consumerist needs, there are different types of back scratchers that are nowadays available in the market. Some of these very types have been listed here, for your reference.

Bamboo Back Scratchers

As the name suggests, these are back scratchers made of bamboo, or mature bamboo (as they like to call themselves). Apart from being extremely eco-friendly, these back scratchers are extremely strong and sturdy and come in unusually long sizes (about 17.5 inches). Also, the specialty of these bamboo scratchers is that the mature bamboo keeps growing at a fast rate, which gives these back scratchers a heightened sense of durability.

Stainless Steel Back Scratchers

These are back scratchers made of stainless steel, and have a reputation for being extremely long-lasting. They can be easily maneuvered to reach every inch and corner of the back, to give you the satisfied itch that you deserve. They mostly come in small sizes that are easy to carry, but can be extended to a length of about 20 inches for your comfort.

Electric Back Scratchers

Never heard of an electric back scratcher? No worries. Electric back scratchers are usually battery operated scratchers which provide a lot of comfort in terms of constant itching at some points. They usually come with an automated safety shut-off mechanism, and are mostly made of stainless steel or plastic.

Wooden Back Scratchers

They are simple back scratchers with least fussy mechanisms; probably the cheapest and most commonly used back scratchers on the planet are made of wood. These back scratchers come in variable sizes, and cater to different populations all over the global spectrum. Wooden back scratchers come in different wood types, like maple wood, oak wood, etc.

Telescopic Back Scratchers

Telescopic back scratchers can be made of any material (stainless steel, plastic, etc.) but have a distinct quality for themselves. These back scratchers have the quality to extend the claw part (with which scratching is done), mirroring the actions done by a telescope (hence the name). These back scratchers are extremely flexible and can go up to a length of 18-20 inches at a time.

However confusing this back scratcher may be, all these different varieties have one thing in common though; they’re here to provide to relief from that unwanted itch at the back!

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