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Out of all of the mind games present in the world, the game of crossword has been the most favourite of a major chunk of people. The continuous brainstorming in deciphering the clues given and using them to reach to the right answer is in itself a fun brain exercise and sharpens the thinking and analytical ability of the brain. Crosswords are in general a grid of white and black boxes, with the answers to be filled up in the white boxes and the black boxes are meant to separate the words and remove all of the unnecessary alternatives as the answers to the clues. There are different genres of crosswords, but there lies a common framework and methodology to solve the same. Hence one must follow some pro tips to reach to the answers easily in a crossword. The article discusses further about how to ace in finding crossword quiz answers within short time.

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The pro tips

Highly complex and complicated puzzles can be solved easily by striking the right cords of the brain and deciphering the clues according to their context. So the following are some of the pro tips that will help one in acing the solving ability of a crossword: –

  • The most important tool in a puzzle solving is a pencil and one must have a practise of using the same during solving so that the answers can be erased easily in cases of any mistake. More of the mistakes you make, the better a puzzler you become.
  • Cracking the crossword puzzle answers requires a well devised strategy and for that one must start the crossword from the clues that ask for filling up the blank because it is the easiest one to decipher and gives a good kick-start for the game of puzzle.
  • Reading the clues properly and identifying its tone and tense is very important because the answer is generally in that tone only and this would be the biggest clue for reaching towards the answer.
  • The creators of the puzzle make mis-directions to trap someone easily and hence one needs to avoid these classical distracters.
  • One must approach the clues properly and in an analytical way rather than jumping immediately to the conclusions.
  • Every puzzle has a theme and this acts as the grandmaster of the clues. So in case of any confusion refer to the theme and then you would eventually reach to the answer.
  • One should regularly stick to a particular puzzle editor so that you get familiar with the puzzle styles and eventually learn the art of deciphering the same in shorter time.
  • Attack over the 3,4 and 5 lettered words first because they are the easy ones to crack and a majority of puzzle editors do not have that vast resources for small words.

LA Times Daily, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Universal, are some of the best resources with mind-sharpening puzzles that act as the perfect resource for acing in the game of crossword puzzles.

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