Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML basically is a language consisting of codes which are used to create, structure, and modify the web content and websites. This feature of HTML is a primary requirement for SEO, since a website is created using HTML codes and can easily be tweaked when required by using the same.

HTML provides search engines the context which makes them understand what’s actually present in a website or a web page. HTML5, the current and latest revision of the HTML standard has provided more opportunities to businesses, since it supports all the latest multimedia and applications which can make your SEO efforts fruitful.

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This is why it’s recommended to take html advice from experts to include them in your SEO processes. If you’re thinking,what are the SEO supported improvements in HTML5?How might HTML5 affect the way you approach SEO? What are the impacts of HTML5 on search engines? Here are some points that will make you clearer about the improvements in HTML5 that can help in SEO:

Improved semantics and web page segmentation

One of the key components of HTML5 is that it has new and added elements that can help you express what’s on the website or the webpage. This helps the different parts of the web page, like header, footer, body, content, and others to be segmented properly and be easily distinguished from one another.

This new way of segmentation allows search engines to easily scan the website and include headers and footers for indexing purposes. Search engine indexing will thus become more meaningful, efficient, and advanced, which will lead to better search engine rankings.

Improved HTML elements that can have direct impact on SEO

The new HTML5 elements are improved from the older versions and have a great impact on SEO and search engine rankings. New elements, like <article>, <section>, <nav>, and others play an important role in indexing the website and help in getting the website much better rankings.

Improved support for links

Using hyperlinks is a great way to achieve better search engine rankings for any website because search engines study links to see the webpages they point to. HTML5 allows you to provide your links with a better meaning. New attributes of links in HTML5 allows you to describe the links in a better way. This in turn gives the search engines greater context for each link they encounter.


Better media handling capacities

In addition to the basic multimedia elements, like audio and video, HTML5 supports all other multimedia options that are available. This gives a huge advantage to your website, since search engines tend to rank websites with multimedia content better than those who don’t have them.

These are some new improvements and attributes of the new HTML5 that can play a great role in your SEO practices. If you want more information on these look out for experts and other content for in depth html advice.

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