A crossbow is a popular weapon amongst the Wookiees and even some of the modern hunters. It is basically a combination of a rifle and a bow as it includes the properties of both. Its fast-moving string is used in launching projectiles like a bow and it also features a stock and a trigger like a rifle. Crossbows are known to exist in our society much before the guns did. Archeologists have traced it in 2,500-year-old Chinese graves and some of the crossbows also were found in the Mediterranean region.

Crossbow safety

Even if you are using the best crossbow, there are certain safety measures that need to be followed just like any other shooting skill. Some of them are as follows:

  • In the case of a crossbow, the 4 basic rules of firearm safety (TABK) apply
  • While handling a crossbow consider it as loaded
  • Always target the crossbow in a safe direction
  • Study your target carefully and know what’s beyond
  • Keep your finger away from the trigger guard unless you are ready to shoot
  • Carefully follow the manufacture safety instructions mentioned on the manual of your crossbow
  • Never attempt to repair a crossbow on your own unless you are properly trained
  • Most crossbows are considered safe after it undergoes the cocking process, but you need to cross check
  • Always use the bolts/arrows as recommended by the manufacturer and handle them carefully
  • The safest way to transport and remove a crossbow from a stand is to have the crossbow un-cocked
  • Avoiddry-firing a crossbow as they have a draw weight of 125 – 290 pounds. The safest way of un-cocking a crossbow is to fire a bolt on the ground or target
  • Although the slow velocity of the bolt/arrow makes a crossbow extremely accurate at great distances, proper care needs to be taken not to go for long shots at game. The reason behind is, most of the crossbows are incapable of beating an animal’s reaction time at distance of more than 50 yards

Renew your license

Irrespective of the fact whether you are using the best crossbow, you always have to purchase a different license every year if you intend to use it during the crossbow deer season. As per the new law, this is mandatory. If you are hunting during a deer season under the authority of a gun deer license are allowed to use a crossbow that comes under the lesser weapon law.

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