If you are a lover of golf games and yet don’t find plenty of opportunities to play the game in real life, Golf Clash is your best option. This game will entertain you and in meanwhile help you to get good in the game. As this game is available on all smartphones it is handy and available anywhere for you to start a fresh game. This game is available for both Android users as well as iOS users.

The Golf Clash game is a real-time multiplayer game which allows you to play one on one against other players, which are either your friends or random players available online.Though the game is new there are various hacks available on the internet to help players boost their experience. The hacks are available on http://www.revistacresol.com and many more links.

golf clash game hack

The various features of the game are as follows :

The Chests

Whenever you will win in the game you will get a chest as the prize. And inside the chest, you will find coins, gems, and some clubs can also get open through these chests. The beginner players find the wooden chest and the club that opens is the Wedge Club which is called the Dart.The next level of a chest is the Silver chest which opens to the Sniper club. Then comes the golden chest which gives coins, an extra mile, Machetes, and the club that opens here are the Grizzly.

As you go on opening new clubs you are allowed to compare your clubs, the old and the new ones. You can compare them to see which one is better by comparing their stats. You can also bypass these steps by using hacks which help you to earn coins and chests whenever you want.

The golf bag?

In golf clash game there are various clubs you can collect. You can get upgrade them and improve your stats. You can upgrade all the items available which will make you more powerful. As an example, when you upgrade your golf clubs, which will make your ball to drive farther and the accuracy improves as well.

This is why hacks are so important in this game. With help of hacks, you can earn coins and gems and upgrade faster. These hacks are available at https://net-imaging.com/ links.


The clubs’ power is measured by the distance the balls reach when they touch the ground. When the power increases, the powerful balls go farther. Though the bounce of the ball and wind effect isn’t included in the same.  If you are a golf player you would know that golf balls tend to bounce a couple of times as they touch the ground before they start to roll. And the wind also provides resistance against the movement of the ball while it is in the air.

As the game is new, these are the famous features. There are much more to further explore as you start playing the game. But to be amongst the best players, use the hacks and experience the best out of this amazing game for golf lovers.


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