The car has become the basic necessity. Owning a car is also a risky thing. You always have to be aware of the condition of the car and take initiatives for its maintenance. The older the car the more is the effort.  It’s when selling your car may have come across your mind. There may be several other reasons why you wished to sell the car. If you ask me, that is the right thing to do. Always questioning oneself will help you make a right decision. But even after thinking so hard you could not find out when would be the right time to sell your car.

Finding the right time

Selecting the right time to sell a car is really difficult to say. There is no exact age that could be determined by any study. Several factors do influence the selling but it also depends on you and your knowledge about the car.

Does it continue to serve you?

The first question you got to ask yourself is if the car still serves you to your interest. If the car is lying in your garage ideal then it’s best to list it out for sale. A car that has not gone for a walk for a long time ceases its action and would lead to non-functionality of many parts. Also, depreciation lowers the rate, what you could have gotten a few days back. Addition to that a still car requires registration charges and insurances. It is not liable to do so.


As days pass cars’ prices drop drastically. A 12 months old car can have a price as lower as half of what you bought it for. Also, as a car ages its repair cost increases. It is, therefore, best to sell a car if it is turning too old. If your car is new and it started to lack, requiring few replacement fixes, you should think of selling your car.

If your car is too old then the model might have stopped its producing and so will their parts. It would soon be out of demand and no one will be eager to buy. Even if some does, the price would fall drastically.


Sell the car that suits best to you. Consider the point above to at least predict the approximate time to sell the car. Enquire in person as well as online for used cars fresno, you’ll get a list of sites in Fresno that would serve your purpose. There are dealers that would be glad to help out but before that be sure if you really wish to sell your car or not.

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