Surely you love your pooch and how do you think your dog love you too? There are certain ways in which you can express your love for your dog and they would understand that too.

  1. Talking to your dog – It is a fact that dogs understand human language. You might be thinking how that is possible but it does makes sense. Talking to dogs in a loud voice can threaten them or scare them or talking to them lovingly can calm their anxious behaviour. You can also bring them out of their shy nature once you talk to them. With sweet behaviour of yours you can make them do a number of tricks such as how to teach a dog roll over and asking them to sit, stand and roll.
  2. Try to listen to them – You need to be a good listener to your dogs. They would only rely on their body language and facial expression in order to communicate. So you need to comprehend how they feel and thus you would be in a better position to understand them, empathise with them. This will help in forging a strong bond between you and your dog.
  3. Soft eye contact – Just like talking aggressively makes them scared and anxious, having a forceful stare at your dog also does the same.if your dog gives you lingering soft eye contact he is expressing his love for you. If you and your dog look at each other with soft eyes, the love chemical – oxytoxin gets released.
  4. Eyebrows says it all – As the research suggests that dogs understand human language with the help of facial expressions, it is also a fact that they raise their eyebrows to express their love for you. So if you are getting reunited with them after a long time, raise your eyebrows and have a relaxed warm smile. Interestingly, dogs raise their left eyebrow more than the right one in order to express their love.
  5. Leaning –If your dog leans on you, they are showing their trust and love on you. Likewise, if you are also leaning against your dog, you are on a great way to boost the love bond between you both.
  6. Sleeping next to each other –Dogs are pack animals and thus they believe that family stays together. While during playing and eating you are their mate, but if you sleep next to each other it will also strengthen the bond. Now for the ones who don’t let their dog into their beds, you can simply have a little nap with your dogs on the couch on a lazy winter afternoon.

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