In construction world, excavation services Portland or includes much more than hauling dirt around. It includes grading, site preparation, trenching and numerous other soil related work. These are done using some very large and heavy equipments.

Tasks of excavation contractors:

  1. Site preparation: once the house and lot boundaries are set then the excavation services portland or provider removes the soil to a proper depth and makes it ready for the new foundation. Compaction tests are done to ensure that the soil is firm and the dig requirements must be accurate. This will help the contractor to use a level as well as transit to match the grade which was posted by the surveying crew.
  2. Contracting: These people can work as businessowners who take up projects related to excavation or small work such as digging a swimming pool, or he may work under a general contractor.

excavation services portland or

  1. Moving dirt around: he can move dirt around while building roads, digging ponds and sewers, grading roads and excavating ditches for gas or water lines and operates trenchers that have flexible pipes beneath the ground level without creating any ditches. They can also create terraced drainage on land for agricultural purposes and build strong earthen dams.
  2. Works with heavy equipments: it is expensive to buy excavation equipment and even insurance of them is costly. An excavation contractor must possess or lease some large front end loaders, backhoes, bulldozers, trenchers, compactors, and skid steers. Some also have large dump trucks in order to remove excessive dirt. They do not have a proper degree in most cases but have on job training to handle heavy equipments.

The business point of view of excavation contracting:

As an excavation contractor, you must submit bids and estimates and you must be aware about the market rates for excavation work in your area. In some states it is necessary that the excavation contractor must have license and must be bonded and for that it might be necessary to perform and pass in a skill or knowledge test. In some states proving financial stability is a must.


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