Every car lover or someone who fancies their car would not get enough of the very idea of auto graphics. It is the new inn, where every car owners dream comes true, where the car gets a good makeover to appear even more stylish and fancy in its own way. Buying accessories is something very much common and every one does it, but getting an auto graphic done is like putting in efforts for making your automobile a new makeover that looks attractive and beautiful to every eye which looks at it. Right from the original colour and design are some of the further more things which are enhanced to suit the taste and style.

Now a days as the trend has begun, and so it is that you get to see many of the cars bearing a striking uniqueness with regards to the colourful graphics and the entire appearance to that matter. This post is all about auto graphics lawndale ca especially, little amore into the details further

The beauty in itauto graphics lawndale ca

It can be said that auto graphics lawndale ca not only have evolved through the car models but also as through their engines and features too. Every brand and model today as you see has a unique logo which stands as a symbol of its unique personality.

The art and its uniqueness

Going back into the 50’s and 60’s auto graphics were a thing, back then as it all started with something called hood ornament. Hood ornament was very much like the symbol of a certain brand’s which helped get the identity of the public in way more open and out of the face way, which was classic in its own way. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that back then, these auto emblems were pretty much in vogue in their origin and meaning as well. Some of them were not even planned at all while the few others were a committee design. Talking about a particular car company, Chevrolet, very few actually know that the brand’s popular bowtie logo was actually patterned after a wall paper! Unreal isn’t it, but yea it is true.

 In the year of 1907 when the General Motors founder William Durant visited Paris and was so intrigued by the hotel’s wall paper that he actually tore off a sample of the wallpaper and kept it in his wallet!!  It was later in the 1913’s when he got to use it while creating an emblem or a logo for the Chevrolet line of cars named after the race driver Louis Chevrolet.

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